2018: kopfüber


"kopfüber" ("upside down") is Brigitta Luisa Merki's third pedagogical art project specifically created for the monastery church of Königsfelden. In early June, 75 adolescents will transform the church according to their own imagination. In an enchanted forest hanging upside down, they will invent dancing images and tell their own stories.

The "kopfüber" project offers the students of the Angelrain school of Lenzburg plenty of creative space for the realization of their own ideas about a world perceived upside down. Imagining themselves upside down, they dance through their own dream world. They are free to see everything differently, to invent a world full of new images. The question "What if...?" is expressed in a very idiosyncratic way: "If the sky were on the ground and people floated around in space ..., the day of the "Upside-down World" would have arrived." - "When zebras with pink dots drink blue Coke, cats are ruling the world." - "The world is pure chaos, but it also reflects how we wish it to be in our dreams."

Once again, the historic monastery church with its unique ambience serves as both a source of inspiration and a point of departure for this new art project involving adolescents. Hanging numerous objects upside down from the church "sky", the youths present the historic space in a new light. Their ideas unfurl in linguistic projections, dance scenes as well as installations, thus creating a spatially comprehensive world of sound. With this boundary-transcending project, Brigitta Luisa Merki remains faithful to her basic idea of letting the audience experience a comprehensive work of art in the Königsfelden monastery church. For ten years already, the co-productions given at this specific location by tanz&kunst königsfelden and the Museum Aargau have titillated the senses of enthusiastic audiences.

Performances: June 1st - 6th, 2018 at 8:30 pm in the Königsfelden Monastery Church, Windisch.
Advance ticket sales from the 3rd of April 2018: Info Baden, call 056 200 84 84 or purchase online at www.ticket.baden.ch


art director:
Brigitta Luisa Merki
school Angelrain in Lenzburg AG:
75 students
teachers: Deliah Hunziker
Nadja Loretan
Sandy Marxer
contemporary dance:

Teresa Rotemberg
Lucía Baumgartner
Xenja Füger (Assistant)

Hip Hop:
Patrick Grigo
visual arts:
Doris Haller, Regina Bänziger
Eliane Zgraggen
Karl Egli
Word: Andreas Neeser
music: Christoph Huber: Komposition, Saxophon, Effekte
Corinne Nora Huber: Gesang, Cello, Effekte
Julian Häusermann: Perkussion, Effekte
project management:
Eliane Zgraggen
light: Karl Egli
adio: Amadis Brugnoni, audiopool
stage setters:
production team tanz&kunst königsfelden
producer, managing director:
Pitt Hartmeier
Barbara Tänzler
administration, assistant communication Daria Reimann
Photos Alex Spichale
diagram Rose Müller





Lenzburger Bezirksanzeiger

original in German

Melanie Solloso, Lenzburger Bezirksanzeiger, 12.04.2018

Regional Brugg

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Barbara Tänzler, Regional Brugg, 15.03.2018

Schweiz am Wochenende

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Schweiz am Wochenende, 10.03.2018

Regional Brugg

original in German

Regional Brugg, 12.10.2017

Aargauer Zeitung

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Janine Müller, Aargauer Zeitung, 09.10.2017

Schweiz am Wochenende

original in German

Janine Müller, Schweiz am Wochenende, 07.10.2017


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01.06.201820:30WindischKlosterkirche KönigsfeldenInfo Baden, 056 200 84 84, Web
02.06.201820:30WindischKlosterkirche KönigsfeldenInfo Baden, 056 200 84 84, Web
03.06.201820:30WindischKlosterkirche KönigsfeldenInfo Baden, 056 200 84 84, Web
04.06.201820:30WindischKlosterkirche KönigsfeldenInfo Baden, 056 200 84 84, Web
05.06.201820:30WindischKlosterkirche KönigsfeldenInfo Baden, 056 200 84 84, Web
06.06.201820:30WindischKlosterkirche KönigsfeldenInfo Baden, 056 200 84 84, Web